Business Consulting

An unattached look into your business to discover opportunity.

In every business there is opportunity to improve sales, productivity, ROI and many other areas. Sometimes these improvements are obvious and sometimes they are buried deep. In all cases, you also have to consider the improvement with change in culture within the organization. The strengths of management and employees to adapt to or utilize the improvements. Most importantly you have to weigh the business growth the improvements create against the financial cost to grow. Very successful business’s with 50% or higher growth rates can easily grow themselves out of business and into bankruptcy.

Consider that every sport has a coach. The coach can see your strengths and weaknesses. Analyses the competition. Gives the athlete the practice plan for improvement and the game plan to win.

As the business consultant, I am the coach. The person that will be praises when you win and blamed when you fail.
Every business needs a coach at differing stages of the organizations evolution. Perhaps your business is at one of those pivotal points in evolution where a coach is needed.

New Business:

The business is just starting and up to two years old

With a new business there is definitely benefit from having a coach. Insuring you have a plan for success, making tweaks for improvement and introductions that improves market share are all possible. As a new business you are watching every penny and possibly the cost of a coach looks prohibitive. You owe it to your business, your dream to find out.

Growing Business:

The business has been around for several years with a track for growth at least the last two years

Many times, a business that is growing is faced with hard decisions that the only available answer is a SWAG. “Sweet Ass Guess”. Do you add staff, open another location, outsource services, where do you find the operating capital to support the expense of growth. All hard questions to answer for most business’s.

Established Business:

The business has been around five or more years with profit and growth the last several years

“If you don’t move forward, sooner or later you begin to move backward.” A quote found often that apply applies to business. We can amplify this with the idea that if your business is not leading it likely will fall behind and die. The line between leading and following is typically blurred resulting in companies going too far and being on the bleeding edge just to find out that the pack is not following.