John Demitri, aka “Demitri” because there are too many John’s in this world, is an explorer. On his journey through life, he has been a licensed Insurance agent, mechanic, software programmer, actor on stage, CEO of an internet provider, philanthropist, Chief Information Officer(CIO) at an award-winning marketing firm, loan originator, CEO of a telecommunications company, CIO of a prestigious investment and portfolio management services company, Founder & Board member of a non-profit, Father & Husband, mortgage note investor, teacher, real estate investor, college professor, property manager, licensed Realtor, licensed pilot, serial entrepreneur and most importantly a lifelong student.

His two passions are business and real estate. Combing these, he routinely helps professionals like Realtors, Investors, Mortgage Brokers, and Lawyers in the real estate industry to improve their business. Whether they are just getting started, or need assistance coming up with solutions for complicated deals, he often adds value to the bottom line.

Social media campaigns, redefining technology use, incorporating voice telephony into marketing and ROI of a business, increasing customer retention, and lead conversation are some of the many projects he has created and implemented.

Providing a fresh look into your business operation may lead to discovering opportunities that are waiting to be found.

Lets us know a little about your business and the challenges you would like to explore, and we will get right back to you.